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Like I said I’m the video….
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Btw guys I am working a Gacha mini movie and after the mini movie I’ll start working on a series.

There’s also something sad I have to tell you guys 🙁

I’ll be making another channel!!!😭😭😭 But I’ll still have this channel! ❤️❤️
But I won’t be posting like that 💔💔💔🤝🤝
But for the people who don’t read the DESC I’ll make a video about it ❤️👍🏾👍🏾🥺😩


Psssst.. for the people reading the DESC can you comment and tell the other people to read it❤️❤️

this is a vidoe about how to get free imvu creds and habbo cash gaia cash/gold and second life money. my metaRL username is Snikerz9166 have any questions Add me as a friend on MetaRl
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Here > IMVU Credits Generator

4u – New Moon Room – IMVU Promo

Here > IMVU Credits Generator

Promo for 4u’s New Moon Room. Please visit 4u’s catalog for more detailed information. Always Something Amazing!

Thanks to all those who joined in on the fun. Awesome Music track: The Crystal Method – Broken Glass

This video is made by me and I claim NO rights to the music track and have NOT received ANY Monetary Compensation. Artistic Endeavor Only. Please enjoy the work and feel free to share with friends.

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Here > IMVU Credits Generator